Центр изучения экстремизма и радикализма

при Московском экономическом институте
Др. Барбара Молас
Др. Барбара Моласнаучный сотрудник департамента социологии Университета г. Нью-Брансвик, участник Канадской сети исследований терроризма, безопасности и общества (TSAS) – Канада.






2014 – Present:           Far-Right Ideology and Radicalization (1930s-today), with a focus on Canada and Western Europe.


2021                            Postdoc. Researcher. Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society – University of New Brunswick.

  • Project title: “Investigating the Relationship between COVID-19 and the Escalation Towards Politically-Motivated Extremist Violence in Canada” (Sociology Dpt.)

2020 – Present            Freelance Researcher and Analyst. Academic Consulting Services, Ltd., which provides world-leading expertise on the radical right in Britain and abroad.

2020 – Present            Head of Publishing (HofP). Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. University of Leeds (England). CARR belongs to the advisory board of Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT).

2020 – Present            Lecturer. York University, History Department.



2021                           Certificate in Terrorism Studies. Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence. University of St. Andrews (Scotland).

  • Area of Focus: Psychology and Ideologies of Terrorism; Radicalisation, Counter-radicalisation & De-radicalization.

2017 – June 2021       Ph.D. in History. York University, Toronto (Canada).

  • Dissertation title and focus: “Defining Supremacy: Walter J. Bossy and the Conceptual Origins of the Canadian ‘Third Force’ (1931-1972)”. A historical account of far-right radicalization and ideas on Canadian cultural integration.

2016                            M.A. in World History. Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona (Spain) and Freie Universität Berlin (Germany).

2015                            Certificate in Comparative and Transnational History Theories, Methodology and Case Studies. European University Institute in Florence (Italy).

2013                            B.A. in Journalism. Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain).



2021                           Facebook Inc., Dangerous Organizations Unit, Freelance Analyst.

  • Focus: Extremist discourse online and ‘outlinking’.

2021                           European Commission, Freelance Researcher. In coordination with CARR, the Weizenbaum Institute, and the European University Institute.

  • Project: Proscribed Right-wing Extremist Organisations (PREOs) in Europe.

2021                           CARR peer-reviewed Research Insight Series Managing Editor.

  • Task: select research papers and oversee its editing and publication process with editors Hans-George Betz and Bharath Ganesh (Advisory Board: Maureen Eger, Aristotle Kallis, Megan Squire, and Ruth Wodak).

2021                           Academic Consulting Services for the United Kingdom Home Office Counterterrorism Unit Freelance Researcher.

  • Focus: youth and right-wing extremism and terrorism in Britain.
  • Task: transcribing interviews with experts on youth and right-wing extremism and terrorism in Britain.

2020 – 2021               CARR Head of Doctoral Fellows.

Fall 2020                    European Centre for the Development of Democracy, Freelance Researcher.

Fall 2020                    Academic Consulting Services for the United Kingdom Home Office Counterterrorism Unit, Freelance Analyst.

  • Focus: extremism and COVID-19 in England and Wales.
  • Task: gathering data and building datasets on extremism and extremist influencers in Britain since 1 January 2020.

2020                            Trent University Research Assistant, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC).

2020                            York University-Trent University Research Assistant.

  • Spanish Civil War Virtual Museum.
  • Task: head of communications, media managing and promotion, open-source research, public engagement.

2019 – 2020               CARR Doctoral Fellow.

  • Task: disseminating research on the radical right, past and present.

2018 – 2019                York University, Research Assistant.

  • Project: The Many Worlds of Edwin Fox.
  • Task: open-source research, transcription, and translation (Spanish and French to English).

2015 – 2016                European Observatory of Memories for the European Commission, Journalist.

  • Task: research on twentieth-century extremism and memory.



Fall 2021                    Course Director. York University.

  • 03, The Spanish Civil War (online). See my video-lectures here.

Winter 2020/2021      Teacher Assistant. York University.

  • HUMA1770, Historical and Cultural Perspectives of Globalization (online).

Fall 2020                    Course Director. York University.

  • 03, The Spanish Civil War (online). See my video-lectures here.

2019 – 2020                Teacher Assistant. York University.

  • HIST1083 6.0A, Mass Media and Popular Culture in the Americas, 1820-1980.

2017 – 2018                Teacher Assistant. York University.

  • HUMA1720, The Roots of Western Culture.




In Preparation: Molas, B. Johnson, B. (2022), “Outlinking: The Successes of the New Far-Right Recruitment Strategy on Social Media (2019-2021)”.

Under Review: Molas, B. (2021), “The Classocracy League of Canada: A Fascist Form of Multiculturalism?”, Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies.

Molas, B. (2020), “Transnational Francoism: The British and the Canadian Friends of National Spain (1930s-1950s)”, Contemporary British History. DOI: 10.1080/13619462.2020.1802248.



Under Review: Molas, B. (2022) “The Far-Right Origins of Multiculturalism: Nation-Building and White Supremacism in Modern Canada (1931-1972)”, Routledge Fascism and the Far Right series.



Forthcoming: Bar-On, T.; Molas, B. (eds.), The Right and the Radical Right in the Americas: Ideological Currents from Interwar Canada to Contemporary Chile (New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2021).

Bar-On, T.; Molas, B. (eds.), Responses to COVID-19 by the Radical Right: Scapegoating, Conspiracy Theories and New Narratives (Columbia University Press, 2020). Preface by Cas Mudde.




Forthcoming: Molas, B. “The Canadian Immigrant Experience and the History of Concepts”, in Roberto Perin and Abril Liberatori, Edited Collection in honour of Gabriele Scardellato (2022).

Forthcoming: Molas, B. “White Multiculturalism: An Interwar Far-Right Approach to Canadian Ethnic Integration”, in Bàrbara Molas and Tamir Bar-On, eds., The Right and the Radical Right in the Americas (US: Rowman & Littlefield, 2021).

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In Preparation: Aguilera-Carnerero, C.; Molas, B. “Proscription of Far-Right Groups in Spain”.

In Preparation: Molas, B. “Reddit’s Image Hosting Service and the Dangers of Outlinking”, Global Network on Extremism and Technology.

Forthcoming (September 2021): Molas, B.; “Great Britain vs. Sir Oswald Mosley: The Enemy Within?”, Gale. A Cengage Company: Political Extremism and Radicalism in the Twentieth Century.

Molas, B. “Are Autistic People Now at Greater Risk of Radicalization than Ever?”, Rantt Media, 8 July 2021.

Molas, B.; Volk. Sabine. “Transatlantic Islamophobia: PEGIDA before and during the pandemic”, Open Democracy, June 2021.

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2020                          Reviewer (peer-reviewed process). Journal of Church and State (Oxford Academic). Key words: Church-State relations, Opus Dei, Francoism.

2020                          Reviewer (peer-reviewed process). Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth (John Hopkins University Press). Key words: international Francoism, Catholicism, United States.



2019                          Assistant Editor. Boyd Cothran, Joan Judge, and Adrian Shubert (eds.), Women Warriors and National Heroes (UK: Bloomsbury Academic, 2020).

2018                          Assistant Editor. Alison Ribeiro, Antonio Cazorla, and Adrian Shubert (eds.), Public Humanities and the Spanish Civil War : Connected and Contested Histories (UK: Palgrave Studies in Cultural Heritage and Conflict, 2018).




2021                          The Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV). “The History of Extreme-Right Transnationalism”. Presenter. Listen to the presentation here or here.

2021                          Centre for the Study of Nationalism (University of Copenhagen). “COVID-19 and Nationalism”. Guest lecturer.

2020                          Oxford University. Invited lecturer. “Transnational Francoism: the British and the Canadian Friends of National Spain”. Seminar series organized by the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, Oxford University (TORCH) and Stanford University. Watch the lecture here.

2020                          Central European University. Research lecturer. “The Classocracy League of Canada: A Fascist Theorisation of Canadian Multiculturalism”. COMFAS.

2020                          University of California Berkeley. Research lecturer. “The Far-Right Conceptual Origins of Multiculturalism”, Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies and the Institute for Research on Male Supremacism.

2019                          York University. Guest lecturer. “The rise of the extreme right in Quebec”, AP/HIST 3520 3.0A The History of Quebec since 1867.

2019                          European University Institute. Research lecturer. “Franco’s European Friends: a transnational history of postwar European right-wing cooperation”, Third Annual Graduate Conference on the History of European Integration.

2019                          Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Research lecturer. “God’s Red Baiters: Transnational Anti-communism in Quebec and Spain (1930s-1950s)”, ASPHS 50th Annual Conference (Barcelona).

2015                          European University Institute. Research lecturer. “Kerensky’s Spain: the impact of the Russian revolution on conservatist Spain (1931-1932)”, Summer School in Comparative and Transnational History.




2021                           Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE). Regarding the publication by CARR of fact sheets on key individuals of the American far right with: Mark Potok, Rick Swartz, and Heidi Beirich.

2021                           Richmond, the American International University in London – CARR. Regarding the Master’s Degree in Security, Terrorism and Radical-Right Extremism.

2021                           Quebec Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization leading to Violence (site). Regarding the Petite Guide Illustré de la Haine au Québec (extremism database).

2020                           University of North Carolina. Regarding the University of North Carolina’s dataset on Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism (REMVE) and Targeted Violence Arrests (TVA) in the United States.



2021                           GloboNews (Brazil). Documentary on the far right and conspiracy theories in the context of COVID-19.

2020                           TRT World - Sky channel 516 (Great Britain). ‘COVID-19: Are the Far Right Exploiting the Pandemic?’. Watch the roundtable here.



2021                           Right Rising. “What is ‘White Multiculturalism’?”. Listen to the podcast episode here.

2020                           TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) podcast. ‘Transnational Francoism’. Listen to the podcast episode here.



2021                           New Statesman. Harry Clarke, “How the Far Right is Radicalising British Children”, June 9, 2021.

2019                           Sàpiens. Arnau Cònsul, “La Universitat a Debat”, August 2019, pp. 10-15.

2018                           Revue L’Esprit Libre. Jean Patrak, “Le petit triomphe de la mémoire catalane”, Angles Morts Internationaux, Revue L’Esprit Libre.



2021                           CARR Recruitment. Interviewing Candidates for Internships.

2021                           CARR Intern Trainer. Researching and publishing on the radical right.

2021                           Faculty Selection Committee Member. History Department, York University (tenured position).

2021                           Head of the Selection Committee for CARR Doctoral Fellows for 2021/2023.

2021                           Ideology Research Unit (CARR). “Ideology and the Radical Right”. Read the interview here.

2020                            Co-Founder. CARR Research Units: clusters of junior and senior researchers of the radical right organized by area of focus.

2020                            Monthly Discussant. Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies. Right-Wing Studies Virtual Working Group Meeting Sessions.

2020                            Moderator. “The Far Right in Twentieth-Century Alberta”. New Frontiers Conference, York University.

2019 – 2020               Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee. New Frontiers Conference. York University, Toronto.




2021/2023                   Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society (Post-Doctorate) (C$91,085)

2020/2021                   Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (PhD, Research Assistantship) (C$15,000)

2020                            SPR 2020 Research/Fieldwork Cost Fund Competition (PhD) (C$1,900).

2019                            John F. Bosher Fellowship in French History (PhD) (C$2,387).

2019                            Albert Tucker Award in British History (PhD) (C$2,400).

2019                            Ramsay Cook Bursary in Canadian History (PhD) (C$3,500).

2017 – 2021                Ontario Trillium Scholarship (PhD) (C$40,000/year).

2014 – 2015                ERASMUS+, and MOBINT2015 (MA) (€3,000).



  • Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET)
  • The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, Oxford University (TORCH).
  • Berkeley Centre For Right-Wing Studies (CRWS).
  • Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR).
  • World Association of International Studies (WAIS).
  • Grup de Recerca en Estats, Nacions i Sobiranies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (GRENS).
  • Groupe de Recherche sur le Canada francophone, Canada Francophile et les Études sur le Canada en français.



  • Mother Tongue: Catalan.
  • Proficiency: English (CPE, 2016), Spanish.
  • Intermediate: French (B1).
  • Beginner: Italian, German.



  • Canada (Permanent Resident)
  • Spain (EU - Citizen)